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Avec Plaisir,Champagne Colored Cars,Fox Lake,Narrow/Arrow "More Friends Than Fans" LP

Avec Plaisir,Champagne Colored Cars,Fox Lake,Narrow/Arrow "More Friends Than Fans" LP

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LP - Transparent Purple

**PRE-ORDER** Due to ship late March

4-Way Math Rock Split EP featuring new songs from: Avec Plaisir & Fox Lake of Canada with Champagne Colored Cars & Narrow/Arrow of the US.

In a distant galaxy, where the cosmos vibrated with energy, four extraordinary bands—Avec Plaisir, Champagne Colored Cars, Fox Lake, and Narrow/Arrow—discovered a cosmic anomaly threatening the very fabric of the universe. Drawn together by the harmonious frequencies of their music, they embarked on a celestial journey to save reality itself.

As they traversed the cosmic expanse in their interstellar tour bus, equipped with guitars that harnessed the power of the stars, they encountered alien civilizations entrapped in dissonance. With each performance, the bands unleashed melodies that resonated through space, breaking the shackles of discord and restoring harmony.

Avec Plaisir's ethereal tunes mended the fractures in time, while Champagne Colored Cars' rhythmic beats muffled the echoes of chaos. Fox Lake's piercing guitar solos shattered the barriers between dimensions, and Narrow/Arrow's lyrics bridged communication with celestial beings.

Their intergalactic tour reached its climax at the edge of a collapsing singularity threatening to implode reality. With a collective crescendo, the bands played a cosmic symphony that transcended the limits of space and time. The universe quivered with the power of their music, reshaping itself into a harmonious tapestry.

In the aftermath, grateful extraterrestrial beings joined forces to form a cosmic alliance, ensuring balance and peace throughout the galaxies. As the bands bid farewell, their tour bus departed into the cosmic unknown, leaving behind a universe forever changed by the magic of rock and the unity it brought.

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