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Mountain Caller "Chronicle II: Hypergenesis" LP

Mountain Caller "Chronicle II: Hypergenesis" LP

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LP - Pink


Fans of Russian Circles and Elder will find kindred spirits in Mountain Caller's music. Just as these celebrated bands have pushed the boundaries of their genres, Mountain Caller is at the forefront of forging a new path in the world of progressive rock. The trio's ability to seamlessly blend intricate melodies with powerful dynamics invites listeners to experience the music on a visceral level, transcending language and communicating through the universal language of sound.

As the world eagerly anticipates the release of 'Chronicle II: Hypergenesis' on January 26th, Mountain Caller stands ready to take their place among the luminaries of modern instrumental music. Join them on this sonic odyssey and discover the beauty of musical landscapes that know no bounds.

Track Listing:
01. Daybreak
02. The Archivist
03. Dead Language
04. Into the Hazel Woods
05. March of the Göll
06. Hypergenesis

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