Welcome to the Dog House!  

2024 is set to be a big year for Devil Dog
Along with attending festivals and holding some pop ups around the country there are also some killer exclusives coming.  Some big names and something for everyone, covering HC to Shoegaze and beyond!

Here is what you'll get:

  • The next 12 Devil Dog Exclusives!

  • Limited -  This membership will be limited to just 50 customers.  You'll receive the most limited option of the next 12 Devil Dog Exclusives.  If there is an alt sleeve, you'll get it and all will come with 'Dog House' Obi Strips

  • Shipping Included - The cost of shipping these exclusives and freebies is included in the membership price and extends to International Customers*

  • Lower Minimum for Free Shipping - Until the end of 2024 the free shipping rate will be reduced for all Dog House members:
    UK Members - Free Shipping on all orders £50+
    International Members - Free Shipping on orders £100+

  • Vetoes - Every member will have 2 vetoes.  If you're not fussed on the latest exclusive you can use a veto.  When you use a veto you'll be able to choose something else from the distro at the same value as the exclusive you're vetoing. 

  • Flexible Start - You can have your subscription begin with any of the three Exclusives already announced for this year (Spaced, No Man & Raw Deal).  If you chose one of the already announced exclusives you would receive the next 11 Exclusives, choose just one and you'll get the next 11, choose two of them and get the next 10.  
  • A Dog House T-shirt - Included in the subscription will be a Devil Dog 'Dog House' T-shirt for all members.  There will be other freebies as the year goes on.  Posters, slip mats, key rings etc!
  • 10% Off Previous Exclusives and all DD Merch - Fancy picking up one of the many awesome exclusives DD has already put out?  Well now you can get an extra 10% of any or all of them!  Not to mention any previously released Devil Dog Merchandise and all Devil Dog Merchandise that will be released over 2024.

    NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS. You will remain a cult devotee until all your items ship.  For International Customers orders will be bundled together to reduce shipping costs, which means you may not get releases right on their street date, but when enough releases are available to ship. If you have an address change, you must notify us via email so we can update your account. Due to pressing plant delays, we cannot guarantee when all releases will ship. This service is limited to one per customer.As most of you know Devil Dog is a one man operation and this is my first time offering this service, there may be some hiccups logistically along the way but I'm sure we'll find a way of keeping everyone happy!