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Oso Oso "Sore Thumb" LP

Oso Oso "Sore Thumb" LP

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LP - Blue Vinyl (Counter Intuitive Records Exclusive)

Nothing goes quite like you plan it, and the same could be said for oso oso’s fourth full-length, 
Sore Thumb. The album is an unexpected and unintentional return-to-form; a capsule of early 2021 when oso’s Jade Lilitri (he/him; vocals/guitar/bass/drums) and his late cousin Tavish Maloney (he/him) holed themselves up at producer Billy Mannino’s (Bigger Better Sun) Two Worlds Recordings. For a solid month, the three of them practically lived at the studio, crafting this entire album together in between nerf gun fights and psychedelic trips. The idea was to spend that month writing and demoing, then take a month off to decide where and who to work with to bring it to life––but everything happens for a reason.

Less than a month later, when Tavish suddenly passed away, Jade knew immediately that he was not going to be touching these songs. Almost nothing has changed since; aside from a brilliant mix by Mike Sappone, Sore Thumb was nearly complete the day the two cousins left the studio. Every quirk, and every conceptual song born out of a month spent stoned with your cousin recording whatever came to mind; Sore Thumb exists as a living memorial for Maloney. It's a celebration of life and chaos and art, a glimpse into a moment that will never happen again. One month in Long Island, preserved for eternity.



1. computer exploder
2. nothing to do
3. father tracy
4. give a fork
5. all love
6. fly on the wall
7. describe you
8. pensacola
9. sunnyside
10. because i want to
11. nothing says love like hydration
12. carousel

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Blue /300 (Counter Intuitive Records Exclusive)

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