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Arcadia Grey "Casually Crashing" LP

Arcadia Grey "Casually Crashing" LP

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LP - Jade Green

🚛 Expected to ship May 10th

Casually Crashing is a record about the slow self-destruction that is the transition from youth to adulthood. Watching the thin, happy vail that blanketed over friends and family slowly burn up into the harsh reality that we live in. We are all casually crashing through our lives. Using vices to make it through each day, losing hope in the world and people around us, losing hope in ourselves. This record is a dark reflection pointed back at the state we were in when these songs were written. Coupled with a slight sense of humor to cope through the descent, and the power of music and friends to keep us going even through the darkest of times. Because even though we are all crashing, at least we have each other.

First Pressing:
Purple Nebula w/ Splatter / 100 (SmartpunkExclusive)
Jade / 400

1. Top-Deck Jinzo
2. Kevin Pickles & the Great Pool Noodle Excursion
3. Made 4 Love
4. everything is miserable & i am brooding alone in my dark dark room
5. P Daddy Hoodie
6. Dwight 512
7. A Living House
8. Origami Crane
9. Jet Set Greydio
10. Halley

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