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Lockin' Out Records

CICADAS "Comics Anthology"

CICADAS "Comics Anthology"

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First Edition, 2023

120 pages containing 14 original comics by 16 different contributors.

Riley began working on this project a few years ago. The idea was simple: make a comics collection filled with some of his favorite artists and music friends whose work he supports and sell it for a reasonable price at the Power Trip merch table on tour. He made some contacts and got a batch of artists signed on, but the pandemic forced Riley to put the project on hold. And then, unimaginably, he passed away before its completion. We decided to pick up the anthology and finish in a way that Riley hopefully would’ve been proud of, getting the contributor list reassembled and printing the 120 page book in full color. This has taken us nearly three years to get together and is finally available through Lockin' Out Records.

The anthology includes comics from: Anya Davidson, Chris Wilson and Jason Tarpey, Dylan Chadwick, JB Roe and Aubrey Sitterson, Joseph Kelly, Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons, Lale Westvind, Lando, Lane Milburn, Marc Bell, Nick Kucway, Stathis Tsemberlidis, and Stellar Leuna all with cover by Ken Fontaine.

All proceeds will be donated to Foundation 45 in honor of Riley.

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