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Envision "The Gods That Built Tomorrow" LP

Envision "The Gods That Built Tomorrow" LP

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LP - Black

01. Dawn Of A New Age
02. Advent
03. Redemption
04. This Dying World
05. In Spite Of Fate
06. Sacred Heart
07. One by One
08. The Gods That Built Tomorrow

The wait is over: ENVISION is back with their Sophomore LP, The Gods That Built Tomorrow, 8 tracks of pummeling straight edge hardcore. Taking cues from Upstate NY mainstays like WITHSTAND, ZERO TOLERANCE, and EARTH CRISIS and blending in a massive injection of influences from guitar gods like RANDY RHOADS and PAUL GILBERT, the band has crafted a cohesive, flowing masterpiece that manages to simultaneously feel like an organic culmination of everything the band has done until this point and an absolute reinvention. This is true, dyed-in-the-wool HARDCORE played through a truly original and unique lens. A record that must be heard to be believed, it’s available right now on wax only through FROM WITHIN RECORDS.

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