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Hunter Senft "American Love Songs" CS

Hunter Senft "American Love Songs" CS

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Cassette - Clear

01. Stop Breakin' Down
02. You're Mine
03. Cherry
04. I Want Your Love

Hunter Senft (Downward) has been making music for the last decade in one capacity or another. It wasn’t until 2018 that the singer/songwriter began to sit down and record his own solo work. Initially released under the band name Team Chino, Hunter released a slew of songs that represented a sonic bloom filled with influences from Pedro The Lion, Tom Petty and Tony Molina all written and played by himself. It wasn’t until recently in 2021, where he moved away from any band names, that he dropped his first proper release as Hunter Senft. The EP, “Enough” offered insight into the musical direction Hunter would go; straight forward rock and roll. His latest effort, “American Love Songs” takes that rock and roll foundation and continues on with clear connective tissue between these two EPs while managing to sound more robust. Hunter cites being very influenced by the music of Roy Orbison on this latest writing, which shines through on these tracks. “American Love Songs” is an EP filled with bright guitar and big rock choruses all contrasted by Hunter’s brutally honest lyricism. These four tracks harken back to the days of big radio singles in both sound and aesthetic. One listen and you’ll certainly know why. 
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