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Infant Island "Obsidian Wreath" CS

Infant Island "Obsidian Wreath" CS

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Cassette - Orange

Obsidian Wreath is the culmination of Infant Island’s entire discography, synthesized into one LP and turned up to 11. As begun with 2020’s Beneath and Sepulcher, four years later it continues the band’s artistic direction to darker, harsher moods and sounds while also putting them in contrast with their most delicate and experimental Infant Island arrangements to date. It is a relentless, furious, and ever-shifting composition which coheres around expert composition and a single-minded interrogation of how we can possibly continue living in the state of this planet. In “Veil” at the midpoint of the record, all members of Infant Island, as well as many guests, chant together in unison to insist that “this world is enough.” Standing in community, Infant Island insists not that the conditions of the world in which we live are adequate. No, they insist that this world contains within it already what is needed to transform it into something better and freer, something which will sustain the lives we cling to.

Track Listing:
01. Another Cycle
02. Fulfilled
03. Found Hand
04. Clawing Still
05. Veil
06. Amaranthine
07. With Shadow
08. Unrelenting
09. Kindling
10. Vestigian

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