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Into It. Over It. "Interesting Decisions" LP

Into It. Over It. "Interesting Decisions" LP

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Into It. Over It.
 have said in the studio for many years "if you cannot make a sound decision, make an interesting one"

Well, here we are. A collection of 11 of them. Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 to 2023)

This record is a a lot of things. Let's run through some of them shall we?

  • This record is a collection of all the IIOI recorded works completed between 2020 and 2023. They have been mixed and remastered as a collection and sound better than ever.

  • This record includes all the IIOI original songs from our splits with Hikes, Tyler Daniel Bean, Malegoat, the IIOI Christmas 2021 Flexi 7", the New Addictions Flexi 7" and 3 NEW SONGS which were previously unreleased

  • This record is the first "full length" collection of songs which represent IIOI as a full band comprising of Adam Beck, Matthew Frank, Joseph George Shadid and Evan Weiss

  • This record is the completion of the ideas written during the Figure writing session which spanned 2017 to 2020 and is considered a companion piece to Figure in the evolution of the Figure project, Into It. Over It., and us personally as human beings. 

Interesting Decisions is a representation of the IIOI story turning a page and evolving into what it is now. Mastery of the craft, redefining the genre and carving a new path for our scene which has remained untraveled.

This band marches to the beat of it's own drum. Interesting Decisions illustrates that.

We have pressed a limited number of copies of this record and do not plan to repress it. Impeccable die-cut art designed by our friend Andy Hendricks showcasing the handcrafted steam bent sculpture art of local Chicago artist, friend and collaborator Paul Grill.

Pressed with love at Smashed Plastic in Chicago. This is a complete representation of our scene of local artists, freaks and interesting decision makers!


  1. A Trip Around The Sun
  2. My Goddamn Subconscious
  3. The Focus. The Compass. The Contract In Hand.
  4. Akron, OH
  5. The Car’s Still Running Out Front
  6. Home Is The Gift
  7. New Addictions
  8. The Designated Place At The Designated Time
  9. Miyajima, JP
  10. The Captain Setting Course From Where We Met
  11. Bandelier 
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