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Into It. Over It. & Malegoat "Split" EP

Into It. Over It. & Malegoat "Split" EP

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12" EP - Clear Red

In Evan's words;

"In the year 2013 I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Japan with Their / They're / There. IIOI and Owen also played sets during the shows. It was an incredible experience. My favorite country in the world.

Our driver and merch seller on that tour was my now good friend Hajime. Hajime plays bass in The Firewood Project and Malegoat. Malegoat was the first band in Japan which really embraced me. They have always made sure IIOI is taken care of in Hachioji and elsewhere in the country. They have become close friends. While we both have a decent amount of language barrier we have shared nothing but excellent times with each other over the years and had always wanted to release a record together.

Last year the IIOI project Twelve Towns celebrated it's 10 year anniversary and in the spirit of that celebration I thought it would be fun to write two more towns, produce them on a split with a band we love and are friends with and release it as a run of 500 records. Just like the original series.

Consider this the lost 7th split from Twelve Towns.

Since producing 7" records is actually much harder -- and they also aren't very cost efficient or sound very good -- ALSO ALSO our side is more music than would fit on a 7" -- we decided to produce this record as an LP at 45 RPM.

It sounds awesome. It looks awesome. It's something we're incredibly proud of.

The IIOI songs on this release are two of the coolest IIOI songs in the catalog. The Malegoat songs are excellent representations of their evolving sound throughout the years and it also features Steve Lamos from American Football on trumpet."

A1. Into It. Over It. - Akron, OH
A2. Into It. Over It. - Miyajima, JP
B1. Malegoat - Moldy Records
B2. Malegoat - Growing Apart


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