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Jamie Lenman "Muscle Memory Max" 2xLP 10th Anniversary

Jamie Lenman "Muscle Memory Max" 2xLP 10th Anniversary

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2xLP - Black Vinyl with bonus CD

Behold! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it's release, Muscle Memory is being re-released on black vinyl for the first time ever!

“I was never supposed to have a solo career, but then Muscle Memory just sort of happened and it kicked off ten years of records and touring. It was just supposed to be a fun project that would give me and Sean a reason to hang out, like two buddies fixing up an old car or something. There was no budget, no deadline, and of course it quickly spiralled out of control. I think it’s pretty obvious that I was going through a kind of crisis at the time, but the result is fascinating and I’m very proud of it.” says Lenman

Made up of 2 LPs in a tri-gatefold sleeve and complete with a massive 19 track bonus pop-out CD, all completely remixed and remastered never before heard gems, acoustic versions and alternative takes; this is the perfect addition to any Lenman fans collection.

Track Listing:

  1. The Six Fingered Hand
  2. Fizzy Blood
  3. No News Is Good News
  4. One Of My Eyes Is A Clock
  5. Shower Of Scorn
  6. A Terrible Feeling
  7. The Fuck Of It All
  8. All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too
  9. Gary, Indiana
  10. A Plague On Both Your Houses
  11. Muscle
  1. Shotgun House
  2. I Ain’t Your Boy
  3. It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman
  4. For God’s Sake
  5. Little Lives
  6. If You Have To Ask You’ll Never Know
  7. Pretty Please
  8. A Quiet Understanding
  9. Saturday Night
  10. A Day In The Life
  11. Memory

Bonus Tracks (CD)

  1. Fight Sounds
  2. Smash, Stab And Burn
  3. Too Scared To Fight (MM Version)
  4. Deep Down (MM Version)
  5. My Anchor (MM Version)
  6. A Little Bit Of Rapping
  7. Mexican Wave
  8. Friends In Low Places
  9. Money Changes Everything
  10. Embarrassment (Live on Alex Irons Presents)
  11. I Ain’t Your Boy (Live on Alex Irons Presents)
  12. Pretty Please (Live on Amazing Radio)
  13. Little Lives (Click Track Version)
  14. A Day In The Life (Second Take)
  15. It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman (Strings Mix)
  16. All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too (Sax Mix)
  17. Muscle Memory
  18. Let All The Poisons That Lurk In The Mud Hatch Out
  19. Interview with Alex Irons


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