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Nails "Every Bridge Burning" LP

Nails "Every Bridge Burning" LP

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LP - Forrest Green 140g Vinyl

🚛 Due to ship 30th August

For the first time in over 8 years, the blistering assault on our nervous system that can only be described as the sound of NAILS, has reemerged. With Carlos Cruz on drums, Andrew Solis on Bass, Shelby Lermo on Guitars, and Todd Jones on guitar & vocals, the upcoming studio album, EVERY BRIDGE BURNING, will be revealed August 30th, 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records.

For this 4th full length album, NAILS have channeled raw emotion into tracks like “Imposing Will”, a seismic event in the realm of sonic aggression; igniting the pulse, and fueling a fire of hostility. “[This track is] special to the record in that I knew we wanted it to be the opener,” explains founder Todd Jones. “We wanted it to have the effect of an urgency; an immediacy in the music itself. When you push play, you get smacked in the face.”

Similarly, “Give Me the Painkiller” hints at an intricate groove while simultaneously causing the urge to peel your skin off. There exists a wild energy that according to Jones is the band’s “most expressive guitar playing” in their history. Plunge into “Punishment Map”, and confront the decades of misery brought about by Golden State serial killer Joe D'Angelo—a relentless descent into the abyss of human suffering. The guitar work on EVERY BRIDGE BURNING is an expansive force in its own right, epitomized in tracks like, No More Rivers to Cross. Here, NAILS masterfully navigates a spectrum of moods, showcasing fluidity and intensity that is quintessentially NAILS yet profoundly evolved.

The album artwork, a creation by Jeff Whitehead, serves as a visual prelude to the auditory chaos—a stark representation of the aural brutality that NAILS delivers. “I really wanted to work with Whitehead again,” explains Jones. “I wanted the artwork to represent the sound of NAILS visually, and to reference the same figure from our last album cover.” 

The writing process for this album was no different than in record cycles of the past. The foundations of songs are born from riffs, and it is around these riffs that entire tracks are eventually composed. “Our writing process is about building songs,” explains Jones, “not just sitting down and writing them straight through all at once.”  

Recording for the album commenced in Massachusetts at God City Studio with Kurt Ballou (of CONVERGE), whose contribution is integral to the NAILS sound, as elucidated by Jones: “we’ve recorded every album with Kurt. He’s such an important ingredient as to how we present our music. When our fans want to hear NAILS, they want to hear something that is through the filter of Kurt’s engineering.” 

Most importantly, EVERY BRIDGE BURNING was born out of unwavering dedication to NAILS fans and the underground music scene. It echoes their commitment to authenticity and raw power. NAILS remains a beacon of rebellion and resilience in a world hungry for genuine expression. With no shortage of effort or meticulous song arrangement, the time has arrived to become engulfed in the ferocity of NAILS once again as EVERY BRIDGE BURNING unveils a new, but familiar chapter in extreme music. 

“This band was modeled after some of my favorite bands; the type of bands where, when they put out an album, you know what it’s going to sound like,” describes Jones, “it’s the delivery of the expectation.” The sensory destroying musical onslaught that we’ve all been missing is back. NAILS is Todd Jones, Carlos Cruz, Andrew Solis, and Shelby Lermo.

1. Will
2. Punishment Map
3. Every Bridge Burning
4. Give Me The Painkiller
5. Lacking The Ability To Process Empathy
7. Made Up Your Mind
8. Dehumanized
9. I Can’t Turn It Off
10. No More Rivers To Cross

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