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No Turning Back "Conquer" EP

No Turning Back "Conquer" EP

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12" EP - Black Ice w/Neon Yellow Splatter 

For over two decades, No Turning Back has been an unwavering force in the hardcore scene, pulsating with the lifeblood of the genre. Since their inception in 1997, this Dutch powerhouse has demonstrated that with unrelenting determination, sweat-soaked perseverance, and a belief in one's aspirations, anything is possible.

Touring the globe relentlessly, leaving stages in ruins filled with echoes of their anthems in their wake, No Turning Back has wrote their own chapter in the DIY handbook. With an extensive discography boasting ten revered hardcore records released worldwide on various labels, the band has solidified their status as a cornerstone of the global hardcore community. Their music is characterized by seismic grooves, rapid transitions, and anthemic sing-alongs that resonate in the marrow of your bones.

In recent years, No Turning Back has shown no signs of slowing down. Their worldwide tours continue to strengthen their presence, reaffirming their dedication to the hardcore movement. Notably, the band annually hosts the Festival Revolution Calling, Europe's largest indoor hardcore punk festival.

No Turning Back's discography has seen recent additions, including the rebirth of the EPs "The Beautiful Lies" and "The Horrible Truth" on vinyl through Re-Igintion Records. 

Moreover, a new EP is poised to erupt onto the scene through Triple B Records..


1. Hope For Tomorrow
2. No Fear of Pain
3. No Love For This World
4. Questions
5. Mental Block 
Pressing Info: 
Test Press (out of 17)
Black inside Ultra Clear w/Neon Orange & Neon Green Splatter (out of 200) *BBB Exclusive* 
Half Neon Orange / Half Neon Yellow w/Black Splatter (out of 200) *No Turning Back Exclusive* 
Neon Green w/Black Splatter (out of 200) *Farewell Records Exclusive* 
Black Ice w/Neon Yellow Splatter (out of 400) *General* 

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