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Sisters "Leecheater" LP

Sisters "Leecheater" LP

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LP -  Parasite (300)

Track Listing:
  1. Born Again
  2. Dead to the World
  3. Black Stars
  4. Through the Cracks
  5. The Wick Effect
  6. Windows
  7. Feet on the Ground
  8. Leecheater

As the dust settled on prolific runs with influential projects, Jason Blackmore (Molly McGuire) and Mario Quintero (Spotlights) found themselves entering the pandemic era with an abundance of creative fuel left in the tank. United under a new moniker, Sisters, Blackmore and Quintero have joined forces to bring the best elements of their respective previous projects together to create something new and menacing. The band's debut LP, Leecheater, is an amalgamation of brooding nuances, driving rhythms, and distorted guitar riffs that distinctly showcase the stylistic fingerprints of both Blackmore and Quintero. Self-described as sonically resembling an old Minor Threat album that was recorded through a Queens of the Stone Age machine, Leecheater is a gripping and immersive listening experience that showcases the band's ability to create massive sonic landscapes that press the limits of modern rock.

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