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The Hope Conspiracy "Confusion/Chaos/Misery" EP

The Hope Conspiracy "Confusion/Chaos/Misery" EP

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12" EP - Transparent Purple 

"Your mind is not your own

Manipulated just like everyone else
What you think, what you know
A poison seed will grow and grow"

After nearly 14 years The Hope Conspiracy have emerged from their bunker to a reality entangled by this unwavering truth.

Since their last release (True Nihilist, 2009) members have been active in a multitude of bands; All Pigs Must Die, Hesitation Wounds, Lies, Paint It Black, Spiral Heads, Ways Away and more. Efforts in the above may have kept them musically sharp, but it was the pressures and stresses of our present day dystopia that awoke The Hope Conspiracy. Serving as the catalyst for some of the most vicious songs they have ever created in their legendary career.

"Confusion/Chaos/Misery" is a four song EP by The Hope Conspiracy, engineered by Kurt Ballou and Zach Weeks at God City Studios. Artwork for the release was created by acclaimed artist Alexander Heir (Death/Traitors). 

The title track is a sonically violent return to form for The Hope Conspiracy. Lyrically reading as scorched-earth policy for the sociopolitical nightmare that entangles us all.

 "A Struggle For Power" is a near perfect D-Beat ripper, super-charged with palatable lyrical vitriol. While "Nail In The Coffin" ominously rumbles before bulldozing forward with immense power. The closer is a cover of the deep-cut classic "Dogfight", penned by Swedish crust legends Anti Cimex. A fitting track to revisit amid these turbulent modern times. 

When all is said and done, this new chapter of The Hope Conspiracy comes into focus. Time passing has stripped away the unnecessary to reveal a hardcore band in their most primal form yet.

 And this is just the beginning...

Track Listing:
01. Confusion/Chaos/Misery
02. A Struggle for Power
03. Nail In the Coffin
04. Dogfight

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